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Spider-Punk: Arms Race #2 (of 4)

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HOBIE BROWN and the SPIDER-BAND are about to have their hands – or should we say arms – filled as DOCTOR OCTOPUS takes to the streets!

Will the appearance of WAKANDA’s T’CHALLA and SHURI help turn the tide?

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    It’s an all hands on deck situation as a whole new sinister threat emerges with their sights set on filling the void created by the toppling of one Norman Osborn in ‘Spider-Punk: Arms Race’ #2. An action-packed punk-fest full of energetic gorgeous visuals and real-world implications in that classic dynamic Marvel style.

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    I’m having a lot of fun with the sequel to Cody Ziglar and Justin Mason‘s ass-kicking and anti-fascist af Spider-Punk series. Arms Race #2 puts the onus on the mini’s villain, Doc Ock, who goes on anti-capitalist rants and is generally menacing. There’s a lot of the anarchism of Heath Ledger’s Joker in his characterization coupled with a desire to be “superior”. On the good guy side, the banter between the Spider-band continues to be fun, and the addition of the Wakandans adds some tension, multiculturalism, and cooler technology. But the highlight of the series continues to be the action scenes with gorgeous double page spreads, powerful poses, and splashy colors from Morry Hollowell. Never has a beatdown of the Rhino looked so epic, and Ziglar and Mason make good use of the Spider-band’s unique power sets with Mattea Murdock’s Daredevil getting the big finishing move in this issue.

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    While it takes about half of the issue for the proverbial ball to really get rolling, Spider-Punk #2 ultimately becomes a delight. Cody Ziglar’s script shines best with the interplay between Hobie and his team, especially during the lively fight sequence that anchors the second half of the issue. Justin Mason’s art also takes a kinetic approach to even the most mundane of moments, with Morry Hollowell’s colors tying it all together. While this new iteration of Spider-Punk is still finding its footing, even that experience is proving to be entertaining.

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