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Spider-Man: The Lost Hunt #4 (of 5)

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As Peter finds himself beaten and broken, all seems lost.

But who stopped Gregor from landing a killing blow?

Find out as we learn about the secret history of the Kravinoff Legacy and the mysterious figure who taught Sergei all he knew!

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23 pages
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    Spider-Man: The Lost Hunt #4 is a little long, but it’s a fantastic read. The issue goes through Aja Orisha’s story and, in doing so, gives readers the full origin of Kraven the Hunter all while juxtaposed against Peter and MJ’s story as MJ works to bring Peter back to himself. Structurally, it’s brilliantly done and both narratives are engaging – though Aja’s story is easily the standout here and is beautifully constructed as well as drawn. It reads as both poetry and a long epic and while it is a bit on the long side and not a lot really happens this issue, it’s not filler either. Getting an understanding of the character and what the reader is about to face as we go into five is important and this is just very well executed exposition.

  • 60

    Comic Crusaders

    Kraven being an exile from his own land like Orisha just isn’t enough of a reason for me to just sit back and smile as I read secrets of Africa be spoiled and perverted by European colonists thanks to a native woman who never should have been trusted with the sacred information in the first place, even if the African land this time around is fictitious.

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