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Spider-Man Annual #1

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Agatha Harkness is building a new Darkhold – and she’s pitting Earth’s Mightiest Heroes against each other to do it! First on her list is Spider-Man, whose regular day is turned upside down when he involuntarily walks through a portal to a remote, magical city… and is attacked by Wolverine!

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6 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
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    First Comics News

    This annual kicks off the “Contest of Chaos” event where Agatha Harkness is working to build a new Darkhold, but she pits every hero in the Marvel Universe against each other. The first bout?- Spider-Man vs Wolverine! Now what’s the worst factor of this annual? – it takes the focus off Spidey himself (It is his Annual); His battle with Wolverine never comes off as exciting once Spidey and Logan unite, it falls flat. I should add that Stephanie Phillps never finds Spidey’s voice as it feels like she watched a few reruns of “Mad TV” for inspiration but to the surprise of no one, it doesn’t land. This annual is just okay. Too bad it just crashed big time!

  • 79

    The Super Powered Fancast

    The Story: Phillips creates a solid story with interesting stakes and enough mystery to keep me engaged. There is a lighter tone to the story than I was expecting from both the cover and the description. I was expecting something more brutal with higher stakes for the characters, but the story is satisfying and fun at times. I look forward to seeing what comes next from this series.

    The Art: Foche’s art is fun and engaging. I liked the visual style and the backgrounds a lot.

  • 60


    If you like seeing heroes fight heroes, pickup Spider-Man Annual 2023 to see if Contest of Chaos is your thing. It’s also exceptional when it comes to Spider-Man, who is quirky, goofy, and funny in the best of ways. I can’t say I know what this crossover is trying to do, though, so temper your expectations.

  • 60

    But Why Tho?

    Spider-Man Annual 2023 #1 needed more. It’s a book that establishes a larger concept for a crossover. Heroes fighting heroes. A fun, energetic idea that draws in the crowds. But this issue takes too long to find and utilise that energy, with a pace that is staggered. The second half of the book is very exciting, with characters that usually like each other losing control entirely and going for the jugular, but it’s late in its execution. But it is exceedingly beautiful and brutal at points, and it has started a sequence of events across the annuals, but it needs ramping up.

  • 50

    This Spider-Man Annual is less a book about Spider-Man and more another chapter in the “Contest of Chaos” event. That’s not a total knock on this individual issue, but it’s certainly not what anyone wants out of what promises to be a Spider-Man story. Not to mention Spider-Man’s dialogue here just really doesn’t land well. As another chapter in the “Chaos” event, it’s okay. Nothing too surprising or interesting, but there’s at least a little fun to be had.

  • 40

    Weird Science Marvel Comics

    Spider-Man Annual #1 begins the Contest of Chaos crossover with a contrived fight, a nonsensical plot, and terrible dialog. Whatever the goal of this issue, the net result is a dumb waste of time.

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