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Spider-Man #9

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Mixed or average ratings

Based on 6 critic ratings.

Spider-Man’s Spider-Sense is on overdrive. It’s driving him insane. And Electro has always been one to listen when opportunity knocks…

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6 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 85

    The Super Powered Fancast

    The Story: Slott crafts an entertaining, action packed story in this issue. I liked the confrontations between Norman and Jameson as well as the rising tension. The Spider-Boy angle is getting interesting as well, but the action is the best part of the story. Seeing Peter struggle with trying to save everyone was intense and the way his powers are acting was even more intriguing when he confronted the bad guys. I can’t wait to see where this story goes next.

    The Art: Bagley delivers some beautiful visuals throughout the issue. The visual style of the story is fantastic and the action was amazing.

  • 85


    Spider-Man #9 continues to show that Slott and Bagley have the best handle on Spider-Man at Marvel right now. From the complicated family life to the zip-pow ideas and great art, there are tons to love in this series.

  • 83

    Comic Watch

    Spider-Man #9 is a continued return to familarity, but not quite form. Hidden within the nostalgic writing and visual stylings of Dan Slott and Mark Bagley is a fun, down to earth Spidey tale that hits on well-missed characters notes in a particularly strong and conceited way.

  • 80

    First Comics News

    I can say with pride that both Dan Slott and Mark Bagley have made this title a gem every month due to both of them really bringing out the classic elements that make a great Spider-Man story even thought the concept of Spidey dealing with his amped-up spider sense is starting to wear thin but I do like that Spider-Boy is making more appearances that will no doubt lead into his “reunion” with Spidey himself and it is a disappointment that Electro’s appearance is being dragged out while most of the dialogue presented in this issue is a complete hit or miss, let’s hope that Slott can get back on track and not waste the goodwill that this series has racked up and that would be a shame since some of his stories have been better.

  • 65

    Weird Science Marvel Comics

    Spider-Man #9 is a serviceable issue that forces Spidey to contend with his out-of-control Spider-Sense. The premise and action are great, and the cliffhanger against Electro has potential, but Spidey’s trademark quippy-ness is awful, and Spider-Boy’s obnoxious cameo is a drag.

  • 50

    Dan Slott and Mark Bagley’s Spider-Man has succeeded in capturing the tone of a classic Spider-Man adventure, with the artwork dialogue, and premise coming together beautifully at times. There are other times however where the book’s tone and dialogue shift from classic to dated, and while Spider-Man #9 has plenty of stellar moments, the ever shifting balance of those two tones can’t help but take you out of the story. For instance, Electro absolutely shines in every scene he’s in, and early conversations between Peter and Norman Osborne are a delight as well. The core concept of an all encompassing spider-sense really clicks in the book’s second half, with Slott finding fresh new ways to explore the concept while also starting to work in Spider-Boy in a significant way. The main issue though is the dinner sequence, which takes up major page real estate while not moving any of those narratives further in a substantial way. Coupled with some awkward dialogue, the issue is unfortunately hit and miss, and there aren’t enough hits to complete ignore the misses. Hopefully, Spider-Man #10 can get back on track, because when the book is clicking, there’s quite a bit to love.

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