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Spider-Man #3

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Based on 5 critic ratings.

The End of the Spider-Verse rages on!

Spider-Man and Night-Spider have to make an impossible heist against impossible odds!

If you thought the first issue was shocking, think again because this issue is going to shake you to your core!

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24 pages
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5 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 87

    The Super Powered Fancast

    The Story: A fast paced, energetic and fun story that not only has great stakes, but also entertaining characters and interactions. Shathra still hasn’t struck me as that compelling an enemy, but the story remains solid and there are some great moments within it, especially the twist ending that I was not expecting and was pleasantly surprised by. The Art: Bagley delivers some gorgeous art in the issue with fantastic crowd scenes with multiple, beautifully detailed characters.
  • 80


    Spider-Man #3 brings a special kind of Spidey writing as Slott and Bagley fill each page with many characters in a big epic story not often embarked on for Spider-Man. That is when it comes to non-Spider-Verse tales, but since this is a Spider-Verse tale, it feels right at home within the line of stories.
  • 80

    First Comics News

  • 70

    Weird Science Marvel Comics

    Spider-Man #3 is loud, wild, crazy, and chaotic. That may or may not be a good thing, depending on your point of view. If all you want is wall-to-wall action, you’re in for a treat. Readers who want more drama and depth should look elsewhere.
  • 60

    The stakes couldn't be higher in Spider-Man #3, and yet everything feels remarkably status quo for the heroes. There are moments of stress mind you, but the overall vibe by Spider-Man and the assembled crew of universe savers are pretty chill and lacking in real urgency. Writer Dan Slot peppers the issue with moments of comedic gold, and Peter continuously saying he's the chosen one is hilarious and also important.

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