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Spider-Man #15

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Based on 2 critic ratings.

Coming out of the crossover with SPIDER-GWEN, Miles’ life is turned upside down. Rio Morales, Miles’s mother, is faced with a world she doesn’t know or understand. WHAT WILL SHE DO NOW?!

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22 pages
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2 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 90

    Comic Crusaders

    Szymon Kudranski takes over the art duties in this issue and does a fantastic job. The entire issue has a dark look to it with most of the characters appearing in shadow to add to the seriousness of the content. Szymon handles the emotion and character pieces with great skill. The book is also filled with nice touches like phone booth lights glowing into the panel and soft focus effects that draw your attention to the characters. You can tell great care has been taken to give every panel a cinematic look. I’m very impressed by Szymon’s work and look forward to what he can deliver in action scenes after showing expertise in softer moments.

  • 85


    Not a whole lot of action, but still a great issue that fleshes out (and also twists up) some major parts of Miles’ personal life.

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