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Spider-Gwen: Smash #4 (of 4)

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This tour was just supposed to be about the music, but when Bruce Banner’s experiments yield shockingly symbiotic results, Gwen will have to finally pick a side in this all-out super-hero smash fest!

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24 pages
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    It all comes down to this as the final chapter of Spider-Gwen: Smash brings everything into the light, despite the heavier amounts of tonal darkness growing. An all-around solid conclusion to a very character-centric energetic run, that reminds why Spider-Gwen and her world have been so enduring.

  • 40

    The most frustrating thing about Spider-Gwen: Smash is that there’s something there at the center of it all that is interesting. Writer Melissa Flores taps into the relationship of the title hero and her bandmate MJ in a way that feels deeply personal, but it is sadly surrounded by a largely nonsensical story where it gets lost. To make matters worse, the art leaves a lot to be desired. A stylized approach to a Spider-person comic book can certainly work but what’s on display here is confounding and often ugly.

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