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Spider-Gwen: Smash #3 (of 4)

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After an amazing concert in Los Angeles, Gwen is hoping for a quiet day off with the Mary Janes, but that is quickly ruined when Dazzler goes missing!

Plus the secret origin of Earth 65’s HULK is finally revealed!

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  • 85


    A familiar but not-so-familiar foe stands revealed as emotions of all ranges make themselves felt in ‘Spider-Gwen: Smash’ #3. A character-heavy issue full of heavy topics feels graceful and light, swinging hard all the way through.
  • 78

    Nerd Initiative

    The record spin we are seeing on Earth-65 is a refreshing twist. I’m so used to seeing 616 Bruce Banner, so getting to know this Stalker Banner is interesting, to say the least. Now, this series is called Smash. So my next question is, what will the next arc be called once we resolve this storyline?
  • 70

    First Comics News

  • 40

    Spider-Gwen: Smash hasn't yet found a way to really make itself feel unique from other titles starring the character, even the narrative feels stilted in a way that can only be described as treading water. Pencils by Enid Balám also remain a toss up. There are some instances, like the handful of extended panels across two pages, that make the bizarre stylings of the pencils really work as they accentuate the powers and movement of the superheroes, but when that same style is applied to characters just having a dialogue exchange it's not as fun to look at, let alone be enchanted with. This issue does have a final page surprise that is its most unique piece of storytelling, one that probably should have been introduced much earlier.

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