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Spider-Gwen: Shadow Clones #5 (of 5)

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Doctor Lyla Bennett’s revenge against all Gwens is complete! What does this mean for our very own Ghost-Spider and her clones? Don’t miss the chilling finale of Gwen’s clone-tastic story, one that will change Spider-Gwen as we know her!

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    First Comics News

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    Spider-Gwen: Shadow Clones concludes on a familiar set of notes that will likely please longtime fans of the multiversal heroine’s solo adventures while leaving others nonplussed. The superhero formulas at play are delivered with enough style to be considered fun, especially where Gwen’s Sinister Six-inspired clones are concerned, but much of what occurs is clearly plot-driven. From ignoring the critical halos that take only a moment to remove to the death of one specific character, it’s apparent how plot is driving decisions and the story’s internal logic. That removes some of the impact from the aforementioned death and leaves plenty of room for eyerolls. Yet those elements are also part of a formula that still functions here, even if it’s unlikely to earn the character or ongoing collection of miniseries many new readers.

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    You Don't Read Comics

    Gail Simone’s The Variants with Jessica Jones was SUCH a good treatment of the multiple variants concept. The trade paperback for that series came out at the end of last April. The multi-Gwen thing comes out a little too close to that particular bit of extreme cleverness. Kim has a solidly well-told story with Gwen, but it lacks enough depth to feel original in light of Simone’s still very recent work in the same universe.

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    Impulse Gamer

    I somehow managed to miss the first four issues of this storyline but this one seems to wrap everything up nicely and there is a lot of action in it. They do explain why there was a scheme for revenge but killing every version of a person for something one of them did does seem a bit over the top.

    The Spiderverse has pretty much been run into the ground at this point even after the movie and even the live action ones are making fun of the fact the movies have rebooted the same character multiple times.

    If you have already been reading this series then I would recommend this one to tie up loose ends. Otherwise go follow the same characters somewhere else.

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