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Spider-Gwen (II) #8

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The Spider-Women return to the Marvel Universe! Silk’s homecoming is cut short, though, when they learn that CINDY MOON of EARTH-65 has paid the MU a visit, too, and she’s caused a few problems for ALL of the Spider-Women. Gwen’s universe has now made itself known– and it can’t go well for her.

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    Black Nerd Problems

    Radioactive Spider-Gwen brings us back to the 616 where Gwen and Cindy square off against Cindy’s Earth-65 counterpart, a long awaited battle to reveal just how strong an enemy the two are up against. Why only two of them? Where’s Spider-Woman? Basically the two youngins are doing the “keeping this from you so you can lead a normal life” thing, akin to “keeping this from you to keep you safe,” which are two of the most overvalued rationales that heroes use to make decisions. It’s the superhero equivalent of running upstairs in a horror film – you’re actually only being selfish by getting in over your head and you should probably just stop lying. As it turns out, there’s even more to the connection between the two Cindy’s than meets the eye and, as any good twist does, their connection changes how we understand both characters’ histories as we knew them.

    There was a lot of cool visuals in this issue – a lot of awesome powers, size perspectives, and creative art to lend itself to the exposition and the villain’s big reveal. Bengal’s artwork did well to supplement the story without distracting from it, and ultimately making everything easier to follow and understand. The Silk doppelgangers were also notably distinct in a fun way, with evil Cindy having the sullen eyes and Kuvira-esque crazy expression that says she will indeed take things too far and enjoy every minute of it.

    And like most issues of Spider-Gwen, you’ll enjoy every minute too. This continues to be one of the most fun titles from Marvel; if you’re reading the current arc with Spider-Women Alpha, here’s where we currently stand. Keep up or catch up!

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    “Spider-Women” has quickly changed into “Silks” with all the emphasis on various Cindy Moons of different worlds. That’s a great aspect of this event, as Silk is easily the least known of the Spider-Women trinity in this event, but could also be off-putting to some Spider-Gwen fans who rightly expect more of Gwen in her own title. And when Gwen’s part in the book really makes itself known, it heavily involves aspects of retconning origins and elaborate conspiracy theories that are so unnecessary for a book and universe that have existed for barely over one year. Artistically at least, Bengal is a natural fit for the Spider-Gwen, and one of the most exciting of all the Spider-Women event artists. This event has shown plenty of greatness along the way, but it’s all been disappointing in multiple aspects.

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