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Spider-Gwen (II) #7

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Trapped in Earth-65, Spider-Gwen, Jessica Drew and Spider-Woman search for a way to get Jessica home. Along the way, Jessica gets a tour of Gwen’s life and meets The Mary Janes!

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    Black Nerd Problems

    This is how you crossover. As the follow up to the Spider-Women crossover that began one-week prior, Radioactive Spider-Gwen #7 took the rock and crossed-up like Iverson to show us exactly what Spider-Women Alpha can be. And considering how fun this was within an arc of relatively low stakes, the ceiling is high. Spider-Gwen, Spider-Woman, and Silk are an odd trio of sorts – they’re practically representative of 3 different tiers of maturity level – but written with the right dynamic it could be more strength than weakness, and fortunately for fans, including those who were less than enthused about the arc’s initial issue, that’s exactly what we see here.

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    A common crutch of alternate reality stories is the tendency to overdo comparisons between “our world” and the other world. You’d think if there was one writer working on this Spider-Women crossover who wouldn’t be tempted to go crazy with “our world vs your world” comparisons it would be Jason Latour, who has been writing about “this world” for over a dozen issues now. Instead, this issue is filled an absolutely obnoxious amount of flashy “Easter eggs”. President Howard T. Duck, the Fantastic Fourth sitcom, just to name a few. This story just gets bogged down in these and so many other types of jokes, that it completely drowns out the dramatic text at the heart of this story. On the positive side, Bengal proves to perfectly fit the Robbi Rodriguez mold of Spider-Gwen stories. There are a couple of great moments between Jessica and Gwen here, but the issue is mired in too many jokes to form into a complete story.

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