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Spider-Gwen (II) #6

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The first arc of Radioactive Spider-Gwen reaches its conclusion!

Captain America joins forces with Spider-Gwen again to take down the Green Goblin!

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    Black Nerd Problems

    By now it should be no secret that Spider-Gwen is a great character worth every fan’s time. What’s next for Gwen Stacy? Following this arc, Spider-Gwen writer Jason Latour will release a series alongside Silk writer Robbie Thomas and Spider-Woman writer Dennis Hopeless in Marvel’s Spider-Women. Excited? For this writer, the answer is obviously” sorta. While the continuation of Spider-Gwen is well-deserved, and the prospect of her teaming up with the other Spider-women again can make for a fun book, I’d be disingenuous not to mention worry about a team of all dudes writing a team of all women, yet again. Especially after the many problems I’ve had with more somewhat recent writing of Spider-Woman. However, giving the series the benefit of the doubt I’m excited for what comes next for Gwen Stacy’s adventures. So far they’ve been a wonderfully fun ride.

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