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Spider-Gwen (II) #4

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Gwen takes on the Goblins! ‘Nuff said.

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    Black Nerd Problems

    And so Spider-Gwen continues to be a great book, mirroring Earth-616 and Earth-65 with a fun-mirror twist. Everything is different, only slightly rearranged, and destinies more or less remain the same. I still hope for a series that fully embraces its own originality by nixing any dependence on Peter Parker in the story plot, but time will tell where we go on that one.

  • 88


    Harry Osborn has hardly been a presence in Spider-Gwen to this point, with his first big character moments coming just last issue. But despite that, Jason Latour and Robbi Rodriguez manage to endow this battle between Harry and Gwen with a level of gravitas that makes it feel like the culmination of years of storytelling. That’s an incredibly difficult feat to pull off, and an impressive one to see unfold in the pages before you. Latour lightly sprinkles years of backstory throughout the entire fight that adds a real impact to every one of Rodriguez’s stylized punches. It’s almost concerning to see the pair burn through so much plot and development so quickly, but when it’s this well done how can you complain?

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