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Spider-Gwen (II) #13

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Gwen and the Mary Janes go to a haunted house for a laugh. But Earth 65 MYSTERIO will show them how serious haunting can be…

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    Graphic Policy

    Overall, as a stand alone it’s a decent read but, if you’re reading through it trying to find out what’s coming next or to connect to what happened before you will find yourself disappointed. The issue isn’t a bad one, it’s just kind of out of place in the arc and that serves up some problems in the continuity. There are no long-term repercussions for Gwen, other than facing her fear and we are never really sure if any of this is actually happening or if this is just a dream.

    With all the questions in my head from the previous episode, I was looking forward to having them answered and seeing how Gwen’s new alliances and foes worked out. I felt a bit cheated. That’s not to say this is a bad issue just to say that it would have been better as a one off or special edition so that the reader would know what they were getting into. It was more about Gwen’s friends and less about Gwen herself or the struggle that Spider-Gwen is dealing with outside of this issue.

  • 65

    Black Nerd Problems

    Overall, this issue may work for some as a lighthearted divergence from all the other superhero drama Gwen Stacy is in the midst of. If it’s not in your wheelhouse, you can look forward to your regularly scheduled action that should pick up where it left off prior to Halloween, and expect these types of issues to be few and far between anyway. Here’s hoping there’s not holiday issues for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

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