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Spider-Gwen (I) #5 (of 5)

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Still haunted by the death of her world’s young Peter Parker, Gwen Stacy pays a visit to the two people who knew him best.

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    Finally! After varying degrees of “ok” to “good” comic booking, we finally get an issue of Spider-Gwen that delivers on all the tremendous promise of the character’s first appearance. This is an issue that embraces its destiny, absolutely oozing style in every single panel. In fact, not just “style” but “styyyyle”, it is oozing after all. Robbi Rodriguez and Rico Renzi’s art and colors are as vibrant and styyyylistic as ever. And Jason Latour writes a script here worthy of that art. Felicia Hardy and her Hanna-Barbera beatnik Black Cats do battle with Matt “Murderdock” and his martial-arts mercenaries. Of course,there is plenty of consequential character progress going on through the issue, but for once, this is a comic book that benefited from allowing a little styyyyle over substance.

  • 90


    This is a comic where Spider-Gwen gets drawn into the middle of a Lady Gaga-styled Felicia Hardy (supported by her cat-headed back-up fighter-dancers) and her blood feud with Matt Murdock, Kingpin’s lawyer-and-assassin (supported by Hand ninja). If that doesn’t at least pique your curiosity, it is possible that nothing else will.

    One of the two biggest strengths of the Spider-Gwen comic series has been its fresh re-imagining of classic Spider-Man/Marvel characters, and in its tone. By putting Gwen in the Mary Janes, Latour has managed to do something for his Spider-Woman that Spider-Man never exactly handled well: it gives the character an excuse for an outside life that connects with the hero under the mask.

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    The Fandom Post

    While not on the list of cancelled titles, Spider-Gwen comes to a close here – for a few months at least. I suspect they’ll return it with a brand new first issue because that catches attention, but like the first issue of this series, it’ll pick up where it left off – which may be confusing for some. This issue has some fun with an old favorite of mine in Felicia Hardy, and I like the reimagined version of her here as a thief in the night that’s also a music star of some sort that has gained real success, even if those we know don’t particularly like her style or ability. The action is quickly chaotic here when it hits and things do feel a bit rushed in a way with what it wants to do, but it has a sense of fun about it. With some little teases early on with Murdock that I like and a bit more with Gwen’s dad and Jean at the end about the state of things considering what he’s had to deal with in the last few months, the connective tissue is there to really build on things. It’ll be curious to see how it all shakes out and I hope we continue to get a book wholly separate from the main universe, since I like the way it’s self contained for the most part.

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