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Spider-Gwen: Ghost-Spider #4

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In the aftermath of SPIDER-GEDDON, Gwen Stacy has a unique ability all her own — one that will set her apart from other Spiders for years to come. But with that unique power, there will also come a unique — and grave — responsibility. One that Gwen will have no choice but to bear alone…

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  • 80

    Spider-Gwen Ghost Spider returns this week with an issue heavier than readers might expect. In the wake of some sudden losses, Gwen Stacy has never felt lonelier as she contemplates the consequences of being a hero. Feeling just like a solitary spider, the heroine is forced to face her ghosts and decide if the time has come to greet them. The quick read does take a toll with its wall-crawling angst, but fans of Spider-Gwen will close the issue with an entirely new vision of the heroine in mind.

  • 70

    Comic Book Revolution

    Spider-Gwen: Ghost Spider #4 is easily the best issue of this young series. Seanan McGuire did a great job using the events of Spider-Geddon to tell an emotional story around Gwen Stacy. How she dealt with the deaths of Spider-UK and Spider-Man: Noir made the character development that was delivered have major weight behind it. Where McGuire takes the series from here will be very interesting to see.

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