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Spider-Gwen Annual #1

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Gwen Stacy technically isn’t even supposed to be in this universe, and now she’s cutting chem lab to go to…a theme park?! Wait, something doesn’t feel right here – and why is this masked fox attacking her?

It’s symbiote versus the supernatural when GHOST-SPIDER and WHITE FOX get caught in Agatha Harkness’ tangled web in this rollercoaster of a rumble!

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29 pages
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    Geek'd Out

    As with the other “Contest of Chaos” books, this issue includes a back-up tale by writer Stephanie Phillips and artist Alberto Foche, continuing the adventures of Clea, Spider-Man, and Jessica Jones. In the latest chapter, Marvel’s most unlikely trio uncover more secrets about the strange events transpiring in the main universe, leading to a metaphysical confrontation with the enemy behind it all. Spoiler: it was Agatha all along.

  • 60

    Spider-Gwen Annual #1 is one of those annuals that relies on the reader being current on the stories preceding it to fully understand what is happening—it’s technically the next chapter in the Contest of Chaos rather than a true annual—but even at that, it’s a fun little read. Gwen and Ami find themselves in a medieval setting that ends up being not exactly what it seems so you get quips, action, and some interesting pop culture references that are a lot of fun. The art is enjoyable as well in that it offers sort of a unique take on the different styles within the setting and it makes the reading of things just a bit more fun. Overall, other than it being a part of a larger whole, it’s not a bad issue.

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