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Spider-Girls #1 (of 3)

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A SPIDER-GEDDON TIE IN! MAY “MAYDAY” PARKER, the original SPIDER-GIRL, ANYA CORAZON, the Prime Universe SPIDER-GIRL, and ANNIE MAY PARKER, A.K.A. SPIDERLING — together for the first time!

May will do anything to protect her brother from the Inheritors, and Anya’s knowledge of the mystical Spider-Totems could save the day. But how does Annie fit in? And what chance do three girls have against ageless universal forces?!

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    A slightly subdued and unfocused story that works best when it hones in on the central figures it spends too little time with, Spider-Girls #1 is a fun, warm debut with a lot of good that settles into a groove that could easily carry volumes worth of story by the end.

  • 80

    Graphic Policy

    The comic’s a lot of fun. So much so, I want to see this trio together in a series when an event isn’t going on. There’s a certain flow to the issue and it all that just puts a smile on your face and allows you to sit back and enjoy it all.

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    Comics: The Gathering

    I’m very satisfied with Spider-Girls #1. Again, I think fans of Mayday or Anya might be happier with the next issue, but this one actually made me care about everyone’s part in the fight with the Inheritors, and it has great potential for awesome character interactions coming up. It’s not anything mind blowing, but the art makes it really easy to empathize with everyone throughout the story. Give it a shot.

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    This debut issue finds the right mix of action, emotion, and heart that all kinds of Spider-Man fans will hopefully enjoy. While some plot points might be a bit lost on those who haven’t been following “Spider-Geddon”, the issue as a whole is able to quickly establish its own unique story. Houser gives everyone a mostly clear, distinct voice, with plenty of room to grow as the miniseries carries along. And Genolet’s art is visually delightful, especially when it comes to the different character designs. Overall, this miniseries shows a heck of a lot of promise.

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