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Spider-Geddon #0 (of 5)

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The end of all Spiders doesn’t exclude the star of the most anticipated video game of 2018! Marvel’s Spider-Man is out September 7, 2018 exclusively on PlayStation 4. He makes his Marvel Comics debut on September 26! How does he enter the Marvel Universe and what role will he play in the final chapter of SPIDER-VERSE?!

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6 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 80

    Sequential Planet

    Overall a great issue, with all Spider-Men involved getting some great lines and characterisation in. This should add a bit of extra confusion to the Spider-Geddon event, which can only be more fun.

  • 80

    Comics: The Gathering

    I can’t say I would recommend this book to just anyone who enjoyed Spider-Man on the PS4, but if you’re one of them and you’re interested in Spidergeddon to begin with, then this is absolutely the book for you. It takes Peter’s relationship with the antagonist of the game further to new interesting places, and truly feels like Earth-1048 rather than just any Spider-Man with a big white spider on his chest. I could have gone for some brighter colors, but Crain easily makes the visuals catchy enough to carry the book. I enjoyed it and I’m actually a little more interested in checking out Spidergeddon now.

  • 70


    Overall, this is a good start to a fun Spider-Man storyline I can’t wait to continue. Crain’s artworks here look great, and the Gage’s writing is a good, lighthearted build-up to an epic storyline. The meeting of these two Spider-Men develop these characters well but their interaction also hints that they’re just parts of a bigger multiverse and that there’s another Peter Parker and Mary Jane in a different universe. It’s a fun concept to see various Spider heroes meet but it’s so coincidental to see that the same familiar characters somehow know each other within their universes. It’s kind of like a huge snow-globe. There’s a lot of space for possibilities inside but it seems formulaic to bring together a Peter Parker, an Octavius, and a Mary Jane in each universe as if they’re all trapped in a web of connections. Nonetheless, Spider-Geddon #0 promises to be an epic journey that will show us the various fun sides of our favorite web-slingers.

  • 60

    Spider-Geddon #0 is a perfectly fine introduction to the upcoming event. It didn’t exactly leave me excited for the event, but it also didn’t actively turn me away from the event either. Plus, Gage’s writing should at least have readers reassured that the Spider-Army is probably in good hands under his direction.

  • 50


    Faithfully, and with great affability, bringing the new Spider-Man from the PS4 game into the fray of the expanded Spider-verse is the one shining beacon here in an otherwise mess of an issue that should only be picked up by fans who are interested in following this story from beginning to end.

  • 45

    Multiversity Comics

    The cover promises the movie but readers end up with just the trailer instead.

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