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Speed Force #6

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Generally unfavorable ratings

Based on 2 critic ratings.

The young speedster team has found the source of the missing scientists – but is it too late to turn back the tide of brainwashed teens?

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23 pages
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2 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
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    Geek Dad

    DC has been missing a teen team book for a while, so this oddball adventure filled a big void. Billed as a team-up for Ace and Avery, it turned into a larger adventure featuring Superboy, Blue Beetle, and randomly Roundhouse from the widely disliked TT run. They were up against an oddball coalition of rogues including Fiddler, Mad Mod, Music Meister, Sebastian Stagg, and wild card Klarion—and if that sounds chaotic, it is. This issue finds Ace going up against a digital music robot in a bizarre final showdown that delivers some great if not especially clear action, and doesn’t end with a big finale so much as a welcome break and the promise of more adventures. I liked the comparably lower stakes of this series, with it feeling more like a group of friends hanging out at points, but I feel like the two main characters sometimes got a bit lost in all the additional characters.

  • 40

    Speed Force’s final chapter perfectly encapsulates much of the series’ unabashed, even if misguided, youthful exhuberance. Jarrett Williams’ script does have some flashes of charm and character, but it gets a little too bogged down by awkward jokes and a scattered presentation of the plot. Aesthetically, Tom Derenick and George Kambadais’ work is also a little disjointed, and seems unsure of whether it wants to be incredibly lively, or clunky. While I still admire the concept of Speed Force, I am ultimately a little underwhelmed by its execution.

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