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Speed Force #4

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Just as our young speedsters inch closer to uncovering the secret location behind the musical mayhem affecting Keystone and Central Cities, someone’s taken control of Connor, and he’s coming for Avery and Wallace.

Also, someone’s about to have a…sing-off?

The breakaway hit continues!

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23 pages
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2 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
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    Geek Dad

    This issue is all about teamwork—for good and bad—as the heroes find their bond fraying. While Wallace is up against a possessed Superboy, who has been controlled by the misfit team of Mad Mod, Fiddler, and Music Meister, Avery is nowhere to be seen. She’s off in China, seeking help about feeling underappreciated, and this forces both her and Wallace to confront some of the anxieties plaguing them. While Wallace isn’t dodging for his life, of course. But the other team in this issue actually steal the show, as we get a look behind the scenes of the villain’s team, and discover how it all began in a Sebastian Stagg online class for better villainy. This is a pretty funny plot device—a tech-bro villain masterminding things makes a lot of sense right now—and this trio of oddball villains actually manage to surprise and become a pretty serious threat in this issue.

  • 70

    There are definitely still plenty of bright spots in Speed Force, but the series does feel like it is occasionally taking one step forward and two steps back with regards to telling its unique story. Jarrett Williams’ script shines in some moments, especially in the interpersonal dynamics between Avery, Wallace, and their fellow young-adult superheroes. Those dynamics are, surprisingly, more nuanced than the meetings between the series’ villains, which devolves into distracting slang and some narrative beats that only shade in a bit more of the series’ overall predicament. Luckily, Daniele di Nicuolo’s art is vibrant and scrappy enough to bring a sense of consistency, as well as a fair share of inventive panel layouts and kawaii flourishes. As Speed Force nears its final two chapters, this issue signifies it will probably deliver a distinct finale, in one way or another.

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