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Spawn #346

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The race for the Throne of Hell has begun. Forces and factions from all sides are starting to close in, and Spawn is starting to doubt who he can trust. But without his allies, there is no way he will survive!

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4 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
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    Get Your Comic On

    Intensity in the bucket loads, the race for Hell’s throne is on but who will finally sit on there. You may thing the end of this story is sewn up but others are in the wings to change all that. This series is hotting up to a level you can almost burn your fingers on the pages.

  • 100

    Comic Crusaders

    In my opinion, this was a great book. It wasn’t the most action-packed issue of the Spawn universe because we’re dealing with plans and wars and such things, but it still had its nice share of action moments that looked fantastic. This comic is just good, it’s gone for so long that it’s one of those examples of working so hard at something for so long that you can’t help but make it awesome. Even though it’s not exciting per se, it is still fascinating to read as a comic, and in many ways, it is a master class in good storytelling, good writing, good design, coloring, and lettering. It’s just good all around.

    Is it worth the purchase? Sure. It’s a Spawn title, Image has been publishing this title for ages for a good reason. Now, is it a good title to jump into for someone who has never read Spawn? Maybe not so much. Whilst it is super easy to read even for a newcomer to the series, it is not a bombastic issue. I’d say, if you’re gonna show Spawn to someone, and you want to show them some of the newer issues, perhaps wait a little bit for the war plot to get to its climax issue and show them that one. This issue is more of a build-up for the payoff, of course, you need these sorts of issues to really tell your story and to truly give the ultimate satisfactory payoff, this issue is not for the Spawn philistine. It is however great for comic veterans, and anyone who loves the medium of comics because as a piece of media, it hits all the points a good comic must hit to be considered good in the first place.

  • 75

    Comical Opinions

    SPAWN #346 takes a pause in a setup issue that aligns the competing forces for master strokes that could end the war one way or another. The strategic maneuvering could have game-changing consequences for the future, and the art looks great, but the amount of setup defers all the satisfying payoff to a future issue.

  • 60

    You Don't Read Comics

    The 346th issue of the series feels…exhausted. Everyone is overcome by the relentlessness of it all. There is an overwhelming feeling of fatigue hanging heavily over nearly every panel in the issue. There certainly IS an interesting story in the current issue of Spawn, but it seems to be immersed in a heavy, heavy layer of plot machinery moving around in a massive ensemble of characters who aren’t really given enough time to really do much of anything to define themselves as individuals. It’s a big, amorphous mass of art waiting for the next big fight.

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