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Spawn #339

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A new contender steps forward to claim the throne of Hell!

Now Spawn may have to seek the help of one of his worst enemies in hopes of stopping this new threat.

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    Get Your Comic On

    For me an iconic brand like Spawn is synonymous with comics and has been for years, the talents of Rory McConville show as he is able to reinvent such a well known character and keeping it fresh and relevant. This particular arc creates a new level of intensity and draws new fans into the Spawn world.

    A series that keeps growing with strength with each issue, this arc is invigorating for the iconic brand and the future of the multiverse certainly looks exciting.

    Being a follower of the Spawn multiverse I have seen quite a bit of the artistic talents of Carlo Barberi and each time I see his art I am impressed all over again, he knows the brand and hits it every single time.

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