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Sonic the Hedgehog’s 900th Adventure

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Saving the world is a piece of cake when you’re a speedy blue hedgehog. So easy, in fact, that Sonic the Hedgehog has done it about…carry the one, add the zero…899 times, according to Tails’ calculations. And Sonic is about to go on his 900th world-saving adventure because… Hot potato, hot potato! Sonic and his friends are playing a game of hot potato! Only the potato is the Warp Topaz and instead of burning their hands, it could warp the whole world into oblivion. Or something like that. The gang is passing off the Warp Topaz in a relay race to get rid of it once and for all. Celebrate the mind-blowing 900th-issue milestone with superstars Ian Flynn, Evan Stanley, Caleb Goellner, Daniel Barnes, Aaron Hammerstrom, and returning Sonic the Comic writer Nigel Kitching as they participate in a relay race of their own, telling this story in six speed-racing, nail-biting, egg-kicking parts!

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    I thought this was a great little comic. I only wish it embraced its own potential a little more and delivered something genuinely knock-out amazing like the 3oth Anniversary did a couple years ago. The return of Sonic UK alumni puts a smile on my face like no other, and was the genuine highlight of the book for me. I hope everybody who worked on this story feels proud of this collaboration, as they should, since it really did show that everybody who works on Sonic comics is a talent in their own, unique and cool way. And that’s exactly what the little blue rodent would want.

  • 90

    Sonic the Hedgehog has been featured in comic book adventures across a range of publishers and continents for 30 years now and is celebrating their 900th adventure (as tabulated by IDW) in a one-shot event this week. These sorts of celebrations vary wildly in quality but Sonic the Hedgehog’s 900th Adventure applies the most effective angle possible in an oversized, one-and-done issue that can simultaneously be read on its own or as part of ongoing continuity; it’s bound to reward readers checking in after years away and those of us keeping track of all current events. The issue utilizes the Warp Topaz to weave a tapestry of different cast members and artists into a single speedy quest to safely stow the dangerous artifact. Each vignette provides a unique tone from within the Sonic canon and the range of artists presented showcase the consistently quality cartooning that has defined the series across its many forms. Rather than striving to be the biggest adventure ever, Sonic the Hedgehog’s 900th Adventure relishes being another installment in a long pantheon and provides a potent reminder why these comics remain popular amongst new generations of readers and those now raising them.

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