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Sonic the Hedgehog: Amy's 30th Anniversary Special

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Cool, sweet, and pink! All words that describe our absolute favorite hedgehog. That’s right, step aside, Sonic, and have no fear, Amy Rose is here! Ian Flynn, Aaron Hammerstrom, and Reggie Graham are back for another Classic Sonic special! And this time, Amy’s doing the saving! After Metal Sonic interupts her picnic, Amy uses her Fortune Cards as a guide to free her friends and stop Dr. Eggman. Can she save the day and still get back in time for tea?!

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    The anniversary celebrations for Sonic the Hedgehog in comics have been outstanding in 2023 and Amy’s 30th Anniversary Special may be the best of the lot. This one-shot adventure features Amy tracing Metal Sonic and Eggman’s most recent dastardly plot using her fortune cards. Along the way she discovers an array of unexpected allies, each of whom reminds readers of the wide-ranging and always lovable cast present after decades of comics. There’s a Wizard of Oz-type narrative with the development of allies centering on Amy’s own personality and abilities. Throughout the issue she sees the best in others and this leads to action sequences filled with laughter and delightful turns. There are more laugh-out-loud panels in this issue than any other I’ve encountered in September, and they’re accessible across ages thanks to a blend of pop cartooning and well-configured gags. Any fan of Sonic is bound to revel in Amy’s own adventure this week in a very enjoyable celebration.

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