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Sonic The Hedgehog #64

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This issue is all about Silver the Hedgehog! First, he’s incredibly suspicious of the Diamond Cutters’ new member and he jumps to a conclusion that leads him to some hasty accusations. Awkwardness ensues. Then, Blaze comforts Silver as they bond over being away from home and in Sonic’s world.

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30 pages
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    I really liked this issue, though I will say I liked the backup story a bit more than the main attraction. Neither story is better than the other, I’d say – in fact, they complement each other well, but the main story is the only one I felt the need to nitpick a bit, so take from that what you will. They’re both still GOOD though, don’t make any mistakes there, and I’m pretty excited to see what they’re setting up for the future of the book. Well, if you haven’t, go check out this book and the 900th Adventure Special! They’re both way past cool.

  • 80

    Dividing the features in Sonic the Hedgehog is proving a very successful strategy in approaching Mimic’s subterfuge and sabotage. As the series explores spy-oriented tropes and treacherous doubts within the tone of a young reader’s comic book, it proves that careful pacing and a singular twist per issue proves very effective. The sadness presented by Mimic’s successful ploys are palpable and may leave even older readers cringing at the results. Friends doubting one another and themselves is a painful experience and no degree of action undermines that in this outing. Additionally, the backup feature focused on Silver this month offers a more joyful counterbalance and the promise of grand, new adventures spinning out of current disappointments. Given the quick move to potentially reveal Mimic in issue #63, I was skeptical about this story’s staying power, but Sonic the Hedgehog #64 is a fine reminder of just how flexible this series can be when morphing itself to showcase different genres in a broadly accessible style.

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