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Something Epic #4

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Based on 4 critic ratings.

No longer in denial of his powers, Dan is treated by his new mentor—a curious figure from his past—to a whistle-stop tour of the imaginary multiverse. With guest appearances from Image Comics’ greatest characters! Twenty-nine pages of story and art for the regular price of just $3.99!

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32 pages
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4 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 95


    Something Epic continues to be excellent and well worth your time, the art is truly exceptional and the story divulges enough with every issue to keep you entertained and coming back for more. If you have not yet picked up this epic book, you are truly missing out on possibly the best comic of the year.

  • 94

    The Super Powered Fancast

    The Story: I continue to be impressed with the scope, scale and ambition of this series and this issue is brilliant at laying out the stakes for the character as well as expanding his world with more rich characters and engaging revelations. I love the buildup within this story and how unique it is in its execution. There are so many great characters, reveals and teases within this issue that I am excited to see where the story goes next.

    The Art: As compelling and engaging as the story is, I continue to be impressed with the visual palette Kudranski employs in this issue. The brilliant mixture of visual styles continues to be one of the biggest influences on me to keep reading this series.

  • 65


    I’m just now fully open to allowing Kudrański to do what he needs to across this book because I’m certain of the end in the only way that it actually matters: it’s Kudrański showing us his robust creative light, and all of that is rich and intriguing enough to make it through uneven, sometimes overly plotted delays and storytelling side quests. His openness and vulnerability are the pull-through, and no matter how hackneyed or irksome things may become, it’s a light I’m willing to chase for at least a few more issues. It’s sometimes a struggle, yeah, but ain’t that what happens in a true hero’s tale?

  • 20

    Something Epic #4 is a roiling cacophony of cliches assembled in their most self-aggrandizing configuration. After a tiresome introduction that laments the tragedy of a creative “epic” such as Danny Dillon choosing to turn off his imagination, the issue abandons any sense of forward momentum it once had to allow this Alter character to emerge from the background as the mentor figure in Danny’s hero’s journey, explaining all the reason’s why Danny is this saga’s special chosen one and all the rules and responsibilities that entails. All this occurs as Alter and Danny travel through the world of imagination, populated by living, half-formed ideas and stories. It’s a concept reminiscent of the Dreaming from The Sandman, but only if a child raised exclusively on superhero comics and retro video games who’d possibly never even heard of a book, let alone read one, had written The Sandman. In what must be the most brazen example of one creator blowing smoke up another’s ass ever realized in a comic, Something Epic holds up the Image Comics founders as some of the greatest “epics” to ever live. Yet, others minor artists like Michelangelo lacked their power of imagination and thus could never wield an epic’s gift for raw creation. Szymon Kudranski, seemingly hellbent on getting this strange, vainglorious rant into a single issue, and even after the dull two-page introduction, sacrifices an entire page to nothing but captions of Al and Danny speaking to one another, not even bothering to construct a talking heads sequence but instead only rendering their vehicle in the corner of the page as if in concession to the fact that this is, indeed, a comic book. It’s a maddening slog that transcends the traditional definition of a vanity project while wasting Kudranski’s artistic talents.

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