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Slow Burn #1 (of 5)

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Fleeing a botched robbery in New York City, a junkie, her dying partner, and a dementia-ridden old man pull into a coal mining ghost town in central Pennsylvania.

Obscured by the caustic mists spewed forth by the coal-seam fire from the 1960s–still burning–Trier is the perfect place to lay low, score a fix, and take a hostage… or is it?

Acclaimed crime writer Ollie Masters (Snow Blind, The Kitchen) and artist Pierluigi Minotti (Lost Falls) transport readers into a bleak, violent world, perfect for fans of Gideon Falls and Stray Bullets.

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    Slow Burn #1 is a rich, interesting read that couples one of the more interesting enduring American mysteries—the Centralia mine fire in Pennsylvania—and a haunting story of not just the ghost town but the junkie who has happened upon it as she and her dying partner flee a botched robbery. There’s a lot to take in in the first issue and Ollie Masters does a really fantastic job of not only crafting a story with a good hook, but presenting Roxane in a way that feels as unsettled as she is but still makes you care about her. The art here is also fantastic and between the two things, the story flies by and feels like it has real stakes on a rich and human level.

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    I cannot say enough nice things about this debut (even if I started this review with some truly awful wordplay). It feels like a big-time shot in the arm amid a sea of recent noir titles — and one that nails that emotionality and heft by both committing to the genre while trying to be inventive. It’s still early, but the creative team have the makings of something big, and a story that could grab up even more eyeballs with its efficiency, grace, creative streak, and all-around prowess. Slow Burn is a ride worth taking, a city worth visiting, and an experience to be had for all its romanticism and darkness. Get this one, pronto.

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    The final pages provide a little more insight into the events of the robbery itself, reveal the source of Luke’s possibly fatal gunshot wound, and leave us with a eye-widening cliffhanger to make us immediately want to tune in to the next “episode.” Smoothly delivered noir with a beating heart of emotion and an almost tangible tension, this is a new series that demands your attention.

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