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Sins Of The Black Flamingo #2 (of 5)

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Sebastian Harlow has discovered a supernatural treasure so insanely valuable that it changes everything he knows about life itself. Naturally, he stole it. Now Miami’s richest man now wants his property back and the Black Flamingo dead, so Harlow must turn to the swamp magic of old Florida to protect himself.

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    Major Spoilers

    Harlow does not believe in angels, but he has rescued one from the clutches of Thorndike Scar!

  • 80


    Can Hell exist without Heaven? And is it a moot point when you’re carrying a naked angel around? While they may not be the most pressing questions of our times, they are an interesting context for this second chapter in the limited series that has gotten off to a strong start.

  • 80

    The deeper dive into religious ideals and lore isn’t exactly expected, but it is certainly welcomed. Sins of the Black Flamingo creates such wonderful conversation about the place religion and theology has in the darkest of worlds, making you ask about its necessity or lack thereof. All the while, the Flamingo continues to be a great noir narrator. With yet another final page twist, this book continues to impress.

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