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Sins Of Sinister #1

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It’s the end of the world as we know it, and at least Sinister feels fine. For now. Can that last? Especially when we discover that he really is his own worst enemy…

The universe – melting X – event begins here, in a horror timeline that makes Age of Apocalypse look like the X-Men Swimsuit Special.

Join Kieron Gillen as he kicks off the X-Men crossover Sinister has been planning since the beginning

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12 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 98

    Comic Watch

    This issue was a powerful introduction to a hideous new world. Fans of dystopian futures will not be disappointed. This is the sinister start of an entertainingly horrific event. I cannot wait to see what happens next.
  • 97


    A necessity of any major comic event or crossover is inclusion of other characters. Sins of Sinister #1 features a stellar lineup of artists to cover all corners of the Marvel Universe. This issue touches on the ramifications of Sinister’s actions over the course of the first 10 years. While most of the issue centers on Sinister pulling strings behind the scenes on the Council, actions on Krakoa reverberate across the cosmos. The artistic lineup does a tremendous job of capturing movie length story moments in a single image. Readers get an opportunity to witness several diabolical movements, such as rematch with the Eternals and Doom’s fate, each designed to eliminate any potential future threat.
  • 95

    The Comicbook Dispatch

    The cream of the X-Men crop has been within the pages of Immortal X-Men. And hopefully, the individuals who have been distant from the X-Men decide to return after seeing Sins of Sinister #1 on the market. It’s the perfect place to dive back into the Krakoan era of X-Men with an outstanding recap page, clever reveals, and story beats that will really get the reader thinking. I haven’t been this impressed by an X-Men book for quite some time. The layers are certainly meta, the story is masterfully crafted, and speculation and fan theories are almost never-ending. I highly recommend picking up Sins of Sinister #1 and hope you take a deep dive back into Immortal X-Men for all the exact background details leading up to this event.
  • 95

    Fortress of Solitude

  • 93

    The Super Powered Fancast

    The Story: Brash, audacious and deliciously dark, Gillen crafts an issue that is filled with great action, high stakes and dark humor. The plot is impressive and entertaining with all of its twists and turns. I really love the concept of this arc and just how broad and unique Gillen has taken it in just this first issue. I love the twist at the end of the issue and how consistently engaging Sinister is as a character. I look forward to seeing what’s next. The Art: All of the artists deliver beautiful, exciting and visually engaging art on every page. The styles perfectly complement the story, the characters and each other.
  • 90


    Sins of Sinister #1 is an entertaining issue that feels like a one-shot thanks to the many event-caliber moments, all of which lead to a mystery cliffhanger to resolve in the tie-in series. Taking big swings, Sins of Sinister doesn't miss as it delivers big comics moments X-Men and Marvel fans will love. It sparks the imagination and is jam-packed with cool ideas and visuals.
  • 90

    But Why Tho?

    Sins of Sinister #1 more than lives up to its name, as the mad scientist rewrites the Marvel Universe in his own image. This comic proves that the Age of Krakoa still has plenty of gas in the tank, especially with creators like Gillen and Werneck at the helm. But it’s only the beginning, as the following weeks bring new glimpses into this strange and twisted world.
  • 83

    Graphic Policy

    Sins of Sinister #1 is an entertaining start not only catching readers up but laying out when things get out of hand. There’s an almost tragic aspect for our villain as he discovers he’s not in as much control as he thinks. This is where the “smart person” finds out they’re actually not that smart and there’s a lot they haven’t planned for that’s now out of their control. It’s an event that looks like it’s keeping things fairly focused and if this debut is an indication, going to be a fun addition to the high bar that is “X events”.
  • 80

    It's clear that Gillen and Werneck, along with their other collaborators on the events, are planning to go big with Sins of Sinister. Alternate timelines and dark futures are familiar tropes throughout X-Men history, dating back to "Days of Future Past." Yet, the setup here feels fresh and exciting in ways a jaded comics reader might not expect. For decades, "Age of Apocalypse" has reigned as the premiere villain-ruled alternate future in the X-Men canon. If Sins of Sinister #1 is anything to go by, we may have a new challenger for that title.
  • 80

    Geek'd Out

    As a number one issue, Sins of Sinister #1 rather clearly explains the premise of this storyline, outlines the stakes, and sets up each of the three tie-in limited series that will contain most of its action. That’s not to say it’s entirely “standalone” in nature, because it requires the reader to be familiar with pretty much everything that’s happened from House of X/Power of X onwards, but I feel like anybody seeking this event out will more than likely have that knowledge. It’s a lot to ask from a reader, but as with the entire Krakoa era in general, I think it’s a rich, rewarding experience for those of us who are invested. There’s nothing quite like the scope of the Krakoa saga in comics right now, nor throughout the history of Marvel for that matter, which makes it just as daunting to face as it is exciting. I’m especially excited for the Storm arc, which places her as something of a resistance leader against the growing specter of Sinister throughout the universe, especially in Magneto’s absence. (Her choice to not back herself up in Cerebro is really paying dividends now!) With an intriguing narrative hook and gorgeous art from Lucas Werneck, Sins of Sinister #1 is sort of a no-brainer for me to pick up… unless you’re somehow a Sinister hater, who is a type of person that apparently exists and I pity for.
  • 80

    Un Cómic Más

    This event is going to show alternate versions of this change and new world control of Mr Sinister. ART With many details and textures, he achieves dynamism, as well as different environments, where he mixes the reality of a metropolis with the living organism that is Krakoa.
  • 73

    Major Spoilers

    I am not sure where Sins of Sinister #1 fits in the continuity of the X-Men mythos, but there are some excellent ideas here. Kieron Gillen has continuously proved his writing ability and can masterfully handle complex and large plots. But this is an intro to future comics.

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About the Author: Kieron Gillen

Kieron Michael Gillen (/ˈɡɪlən/; born 30 September 1975) is a British comic book writer and former video game and music journalist. In comics, Gillen is known for Phonogram and The Wicked + The Divine, both co-created with artist Jamie McKelvie and published by Image, as well as numerous projects for Marvel, such as Journey into Mystery, Uncanny X-Men, Young Avengers and Eternals. In video game journalism, he is notable for creating the New Games Journalism manifesto.



As a reviewer, Gillen has written for publications such as Amiga Power (under the pseudonym “C-Monster”), PC Gamer UK, The Escapist, Wired, The Guardian, Edge, Game Developer, Develop, MCV/Develop, GamesMaster, Eurogamer and PC Format, as well as the PC gaming-oriented website Rock Paper Shotgun, which he co-founded in 2007. In 2000, Gillen became the first-ever video game journalist to receive an award from the Periodical Publishers Association, for New Specialist Consumer Journalist. Gillen is a fan of the work of the video game developer Warren Spector, having written positive pieces on several Spector’s games, most notably Deus Ex and Thief: Deadly Shadows, both produced by Ion Storm.

In addition to his work as a reviewer, Gilen has acted as a guest speaker at numerous video game industry conferences.

In a September 2010 post at Rock Paper Shotgun, Gillen announced he was leaving full-time video game journalism to devote his time to comic book writing.


Gillen’s earliest work in comics was published in various British small-press anthologies and Warhammer Monthly. Between 2003 and 2007, Gillen collaborated with artist Jamie McKelvie on a comic strip for PlayStation Official Magazine – UK, entitled “Save Point”, following up with the pop music-themed urban fantasy series Phonogram, which was described by Gillen as his “first real comic”. Veteran comics writer Warren Ellis dubbed the series “one of the few truly essential comics of 2006.” The first issue, published by Image Comics, went on sale in August 2006, with the first series running for six issues. The sequel, a series of one-shots subtitled The Singles Club, launched in December 2008. Between 2014 and 2019, Gillen and McKelvie collaborated on The Wicked + The Divine, an Image series that has won Gillen multiple awards, including nominations for the Eisner Award for best new series, and for the Hugo Award for Best Graphic Story. Gillen’s other creator-owned work includes Three, a mini-series about the helots of Sparta, and The Ludocrats, initially announced in 2015 as a collaboration between writers Gillen and Jim Rossignol and artist David Lafuente. The series was eventually published in 2020 with art by Jeff Stokely.

On 14 April 2008, it was announced Gillen would collaborate with the artist Greg Scott to expand on Warren Ellis’ newuniversal series with “a story about killing the future” set in 1959. That year, Gillen also wrote Crown of Destruction, a Warhammer Fantasy comic. Further Marvel assignments included a Dazzler short story and a Beta Ray Bill one-shot, which was followed by a three-issue mini-series. Gillen’s workload at Marvel increased in late 2009. At HeroesCon, it was announced he would be writing a tie-in to the “Dark Reign” storyline, the mini-series Dark Avengers: Ares, and, during the 2009 Chicago Comic Con, it was announced that he will collaborate with Steven Sanders on S.W.O.R.D, an X-Men spin-off series. Gillen took over Thor following a run by J. Michael Straczynski, writing issues #604 to 614. In late 2010, Gillen launched another X-Men spin-off Generation Hope that picked up plot threads from the end of the “Second Coming” storyline. Gillen wrote the title for twelve issues before passing it to James Asmus. After co-scripting a few issues of Uncanny X-Men with outgoing writer Matt Fraction, Gillen took over the series with issue #534.1. His time on the title saw the book through the 2011 “Fear Itself” storyline, a renumbering to #1 in the wake of the “Schism” storyline, and a tie-in with the “Avengers vs. X-Men” storyline. After finishing his run with issue #20, Gillen penned a five-issue epilogue miniseries AvX: Consequences that dealt with the aftermath of that event. In 2011, Gillen returned to Marvel’s Asgard with a run on Journey into Mystery (the original name of the Thor series, continuing its original numbering), starting with issue #622 and finishing with #645 in October 2012. As part of the Marvel NOW! relaunch, Gillen wrote two books: Iron Man (again taking over from Fraction) with art by his frequent Uncanny X-Men collaborator Greg Land, and Young Avengers with Jamie McKelvie.

In June 2020, Marvel announced that Gillen would write Warhammer 40,000: Marneus Calgar, the first series in a line of Warhammer comics published by the company. In 2021, Gillen began writing the Eternals ongoing series, illustrated by Esad Ribić.

[Latest Update: May 28, 2022]

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