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Sinister Sons #1 (of 6)

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They’re bad to the bone, ready to brawl, and the sons of two of the deadliest villains in the galaxy: they’re the Sinister Sons and the DC Universe will never be the same!

When the son of General Zod was cast off of his adopted homeworld of New Kandor, Lor-Zod runs afoul of a kid on a mission: Sinson is out to prove he’s got what it takes to live up to the family name of Sinestro!

But all is not as it seems, and the sons’ journeys will take them into the heart of darkness in this sensational first issue!

Superstar Super Sons scribe Peter J. Tomasi returns to the world of DC youth once again – joined by fan-favorite artist David Lafuente – to craft one of the most dynamic debuts of a duo in DCU history!

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9 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
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    First Comics News

    Lord-Zod and Sinson, the sons of General Zod and Sinestro get their title and who better to write their misadventures than Peter J. Tomasi, who made “Super Sons” a must-read title for DC during the “Rebirth” era and while this title may have a different and, dare is say it?……..sinister vibe to it; The pair’s path to becoming villains gets off to a good yet strong start and it’s going to be interesting to see how Tomasi puts these two high-powered personalities together because they’re not Damien Wayne and Jon Kent but while the days of the those two getting together may not happen, it’s great to know that Tomasi’s back at DC doing a title that defiantly plays to his strengths as a writer but he also captures the fun aspects of “Super Sons” and injects it into this title with such grace, making it a title worth checking out and showing us that DC can put out some quality titles now and then.
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    Geek Dad

    The two sons of infamous villains don’t have a good intro to each other, which makes me wonder what this series will actually have in store for them. Both characters are intriguing rogues, in different ways, but they’re also kids who have only had toxic influences in their lives. I could easily see this being the start of a redemption arc for the two of them—but I could also see them making themselves much worse with each other’s help. And of course, the big question—are Jon and Damian going to show up to fight them?
  • 80

    There's no better writer to tackle the misadventures of Zod and Sinestro's sons than Peter Tomasi, the writer responsible for forging the Super Sons. Joining Tomasi on this new devilish duo is artist David Lafuente, who is a fantastic pick for capturing the youth and energy of Sinson and Lor-Zod. Tomasi does a fantastic job of introducing readers to these two would-be villains, and it's a strong start to their story. With Jonathan Kent and Damian Wayne not hanging out with one another as much as they once did, thanks to the former's growth spurt, Sinister Sons has captured the feeling of fun that the Super Sons had in spades.
  • 80

    Multiversity Comics

    A fun duo begins their journey in this almost mirror universe take on something similar to the Super Sons.
  • 78

    Graphic Policy

    Sinister Sons #1 isn’t a bad debut at all. It has a focus and a need to achieve and it does it well. It’s just not what readers really want to see, which is the two leads likely not get along while working together. It’s the setup leading to the eventual payoff. So, on its own it flounders a bit but as a part of the overall story, it’s likely to be a solid opening chapter.
  • 75


    So, if you liked Super Sons, there’s heaps in Sinister Sons for you to like: big, dynamic art, bratty kids battling the massive shadows of their father, and lots of space action and battles. But it’s also going to be something entirely new, as the creators take away some of the connective potential of Damian and Jon and get us thinking more about the same ideas of youth, family, and friendship from a markedly different framework. And so far, that framework is really popping as this debut sets up our adorable little villains for a proper adventure toward fully seizing upon their respective destinies. Sure, we don’t actually want the baddies to ever win, but I’m already cheering on Sinister Sons in a massive way.
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    Graphic Policy

    Peter Tomasi, David Lafuente, and Tamra Bonvillain‘s new series starring the sons of Sinestro and General Zod is a nice little amuse bouche. The basic premise is that Sinson and Lor-Zod want to step out of their father’s shadows and making something for themselves. So far, that something is a lot of posturing and brattiness, but it makes for amusing reading especially with Lafuente’s cartoon-y visuals. Because I’ve been reading Kneel before Zod and not the current Green Lantern series, I have a better handle on Lor-Zod’s character versus Sinson, but Tomasi’s humorous script covers a multitude of sins. I do miss when a #1 on a comic didn’t come with added homework though.
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    Superman Homepage

    "Sinister Sons" is a good point to jump on without reading anything else. Rolling out of the pages of "Green Lantern" and "Kneel Before Zod", this issue is largely set up. This story entitled "Bad Sons Rising" mainly catches the reader up with what has happened in the "Green Lantern" and "Kneel Before Zod" setup. This issue gives character background to let us know how vicious Sinson and Lor-Zod are, as well as insight into what they both want. Most importantly, we see that for the most part, they are both on their own and trust no one.
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    Honestly, the first issue of Sinister Sons does not live up to the hype of the cover. I am hugely disappointed with the entire character of Sinson. He looks so awesome on the cover! Like a total Sinestro Corps gangster! But in the actually issue he’s a real weenie. And that really turned me off the actual story. The comic does a fine job of setting up the two main characters and the premise. They’re both clear characters, and we have a definite meeting point. But it didn’t do anything for me, and rather actively turned me off the book. “Sinson” is such a bad name! And he just doesn’t look nearly as cool as he does on the cover. So eh. And then the story is just the two of them establishing themselves on this random planet out in the cosmos. It doesn’t grab me yet. But at least the artwork is a ton of fun. Definitely works with the characters and the story.

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