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Silver Surfer Rebirth: Legacy #4 (of 5)

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The Silver Surfer has been flung into the far future and reunited with his lost love, Frankie Raye, A.K.A. Nova!

But wait, isn’t she dead?!

And if Nova is here, her master isn’t far behind!

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    The Fandom Post

    Silver Surfer is a character that I’ve loved a long time and part of me enjoys the kind of simplicity that we get here that takes me back to fond memories of the 90s with this team. At the same time, my kingdom for characters with a bit more nuance and the ability to function without leaning into all of the tropes. I was hoping for more of what came before evolved in some way with decades of distance but it really is just continuing from before – and from other ministers that are going on that I haven’t read. It’s enjoyable and scratches that nostalgia itch but it’s not something that will be memorable, unfortunately. It’s got a great look and there are moments that I really enjoy, especially with Galactus and Frankie, but it’s not enough to sustain things.

  • 40

    Silver Surfer Rebirth: Legacy returns with another clunky issue this week. Though the plot does move forward, the issue’s obtuse turns are hardly anything to dwell upon. A meaty cliffhanger will have fans curious about the next issue, but overall, Silver Surfer’s sheen is dulled here.

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