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Silver Surfer Rebirth: Legacy #3 (of 5)

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Genis-Vell is unstuck in time!

Now the only one who can save the young hero is… THANOS?!

Turning to the Mad Titan would be dangerous enough for the Surfer, but he doesn’t realize that Genis is trapped with a living weapon, forged for the sole purpose of killing Thanos!

Can this fragile alliance survive the wrath of Norrin Radd, the Fallen One: THE BLACK SURFER?!

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21 pages
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    The Fandom Post

    This series is proving to be a fair bit of fun in a light way but I’m still not sure of what its purpose is. Surfer himself has felt like a secondary character – once again in his own series – and while the bits with Genis and Thanos are interesting they’re not carrying the whole book. The artwork is strong and fun, especially when you get Thanos and the Black Surfer fighting, but the best moments came from Thanos and Genis talking and Thanos simply bluntness across the board. It’s all interesting but the big picture still feels very weak overall. Not everything has to be meaningful but it should have a point or be trying to say something.
  • 50

    These big galactic sagas always end up getting incredibly busy with characters like the Silver Surfer, Thanos, and Galactus popping up whenever possible. It brings an unfortunate sameness to many of the tales. Rebirth at least has the benefit of the dueling Surfers, which adds a fun element, but it still has a tendency to fall into that frustrating familiarity.

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