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Silver Surfer: Ghost Light #4 (of 5)

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For many years, the town of Sweetwater had their memories stolen from them. But now those memories have been restored, and the people are tearing themselves apart! Can the Silver Surfer and Ghost Light save the town from itself? And will they discover who is their torturer?

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    The Fandom Post

    There’s a lot going on in this issue and I wish we had a couple more instead of just one ahead so that some of this could have been dug into more. The way people reacted to learning of the missing day events is brutal and you feel it but I wanted to see more of what they went through than how it was presented. Al’s angry talk about what happened to him with the Stranger is great and his response is weirdly off-putting because of the history of the character, but it fits. I really enjoy what this book is doing and how much of a throwback it is in a way while combined with some fantastic artwork. It’s great to watch these characters exist and do things when they’re tied to an almost throwaway story from so long ago as it unearths another corner of the Marvel univ

  • 40

    What started out as such a promising miniseries has devolved into a plodding mess over the past few issues. Theoretically, The Stranger is an interesting concept. But in execution he’s a thoroughly boring being from a bygone era of comics, which is a problem when the issues are now anchored. The citizens of Sweetwater all falling to madness, Al’s outrage, Sombra’s new power up – none of it manages to resonate beyond a passing shrug.

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