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Silver Surfer #14

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“EVERYWHERE” When the Silver Surfer first told Dawn Greenwood he could take her anywhere and everywhere, he forgot…that everywhere includes the place where journeys end. Please join us for one final trip around the universe.

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4 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
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    Silver Surfer comes to an end with a touching final issue that tugs on the heartstrings in all the best ways, and blows your mind in a few ways more. Masterpiece of a series.

  • 100

    Major Spoilers

    I’ve been raving about this book for what seems like forever, but this issue shows that this team not only has a perfect eye for dialogue, setup, exciting stories and drama, they know how to pull off an excellent ending as well. So few comics get any kind of ending, and Marvel especially has a tendency to end with a “Toys back in the box! Undo everything so the next guy can work with a clean slate!” attitude, but Silver Surfer #14 shows how to do that with flair, emotion and craft.

  • 95


    The true gift of Silver Surfer was seeing what’s possible when one consistent creative team is allowed to run wild on a property. We can only hope it inspires other books to follow its example.

  • 90

    Chuck's Comic Of The Day

    The story’s not perfect – there are some moments that ask a bit too much of the reader’s credulity, and the inside jokes go a little overboard from time to time – but overall, it’s an entertaining collection of clever, touching stories that take the Surfer in fresh new directions.

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