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Silver Surfer #1

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Generally favorable ratings

Based on 8 critic ratings.

“Fantastic Planet”. The Surfer has taken Dawn Greenwood to the end of the universe, and now he’s going to show her the most fantastic planet of them all: Earth! It’s your homeworld like you’ve never seen it before: with monsters, magic and…a secret that will change everything! The perfect jumping-on point for the book everyone’s talking about.

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22 pages
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8 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 90


    You’d have to be a very jaded reader to not succumb to the joy and fun that flows constantly through this issue. From the very first pages action, adventure and joy fill the Surfer’s world.

  • 90


    Silver Surfer is a ton of fun, and I’m excited to see what this rejuvenated series has in store!

  • 90

    Major Spoilers

    An excellent first issue of an excellent ongoing, which is not a paradox at all…

  • 86

    Multiversity Comics

    It exceeded my expectations by being a fun book that fully believes in itself and the attitude its projecting.

  • 84

    Entertainment Fuse

    Overall, Silver Surfer #1 is good barometer of what the Slott-Allred issues are like. It establishes the tone and cleverness that have been the hallmarks of their issues while also keeping a light touch. The issue doesnt feel repetitive for readers of the last series, though, because we get to see Dawn and The Surfer return to Earth. I think this series can appeal to a wide range of comic book readers, and Silver Surfer #1 is a great time to begin if you havent read previous issues.

  • 82


    With the creative team staying the same, it should come as no surprise that the new volume of Silver Surfer is every bit as fun and entertaining as the last one. This issue offers a clean gateway into the franchise and a great showcase for Mike and Laura Allred’s art. The story misses some opportunity when it comes to fleshing out the title character, but it’s still an enjoyable read.

  • 78

    Graphic Policy

    For fans of the previous volume, little has changed. This first issue picks up where things left off with the same characters, similar status, and same look. This isn’t All-New, All-Different, it’s a continuation of what’s come before. And that’s quite ok as that worked really well. For those who missed the previous volume, this is a solid jumping on point.

  • 52

    Comic Watch

    Well-intended but ultimately disconnected and scattershot, this issue has easily been the weakest of Marvel’sBest Defense miniseries of one-shots. Although the art occasionally shines, that alone isn’t enough to get this entry up to snuff. Recommended for completists only.

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