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Silver Surfer #10

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The climax to the Silver Surfer/Galactus story for the 21st Century! Witness the soul of the Silver Surfer laid bare in a cosmic clash unlike any you have ever seen! A tale of hope and heroes, of triumph and tragedy, as only can be told in one of the mightiest Marvel comics of them all!

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21 pages
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3 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 90

    Weekly Comic Book Review

    One thing I love about comicbooks is the sheer sense of scale that can be created with nothing more than printed ink on a page. If you can draw it, it can happen. Last issue, we had the Silver Surfer “surf” a moon smack into Galactus’ head. This issue, it’s not perhaps quite so unique but it still is as impressive and epic as ever– Galactus consuming an entire planet and the scores of refugees forced to flee in their makeshift armada. I hope I never become too jaded a comic reader to not be impressed by Galactus the mother-#@%!#$ World Eater. (That last sentence is more impressive if you read it in Samuel Jackson-voice.)

  • 85

    Graphic Policy

    With a renewed focus on the cosmic at Marvel, this issue acts as a lesson to those taking on these ambitious outer space projects. Instead of always thinking in terms of planetary wars or of space battles, there can be simpler moments. Granted, involving Galactus in anything puts the story on a bigger scale, but it is the human moments here which define this particular issue, and which let it succeed.

  • 84


    Now that’s more like it. Dan Slott and Michael Allred put the capper on their Galactus saga, ending their so-so arc on a definite high note.

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