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Silk #4 (of 5)

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Silk escaped one danger but now faces an even deadlier challenge! Her nemesis Saya has gotten a power upgrade of fiendish proportions… …and she’s going to hit Silk where it hurts.

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    Spider Man Crawlspace

    The past issues of Silk were wild, crazy and very cinematic in the weird situations that Silk put herself into, going from one dreamworld environment to another. Now, the last few chapters of this arc have to prove that even in the real world, the creative team can create an engaging conflict to end the story with a bang. But, for now, it is enough that we are getting a very sentimental and meaningful story about families torn by their pasts, but at the same time, stuck together because of their love for one another.

  • 70

    Writer Emily Kim’s new Silk series has been at its best when harnessing the dream side of its narrative into use with the artwork. Luckily for artist IG Guara, Silk #4 not only has its fair share of fun dream moments but brings its wildest looking monster to the forefront for some slick action. Guara gets to display his firm grasp on paneling as the big action beats are paced out in a great way. Though the series hasn’t always been consistent with its ability to tell its story seamlessly, including this issue, where the ending goes is still something to keep an eye on.

  • 70

    Major Spoilers

    Silk #4 offers a commendable narrative that dares to take creative risks. While I may not entirely align with these choices, I respect the approach taken by the creative team. As a fan of Silk, I’m eager to witness the series’ culmination in the forthcoming issue.

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