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Silk #3 (of 5)

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• Still trapped inside a dreamscape, Silk embarks on a swashbuckling escapade!

• But a pirate’s life is full of danger, and Silk is running out of time to find an escape.

• Luckily she has friends on the outside who can help, including Wong, the right hand of the Sorcerer Supreme!

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23 pages
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  • 96

    Spider Man Crawlspace

    I am so glad that Silk got another volume of her own, and I hope that this series will last longer than the previous runs. Cindy has proven herself to be a very likeable main character that can easily carry her own book… and possibly even star in bigger events in the near future. Like I said earlier, we seem to crave adventures nowadays that are set in universes and realities far different from our own, and the recent Spider-Man animated movies are clear proof of this. So, riding on this wave, the team behind Silk is giving us what we want and providing us with new, fantastical settings where Silk can still do her heroics, but in a totally wild, fresh and spectacular fashion. I’ll be seeing this arc to the end, as I want to discover what kind of threat the Sleep Demon poses to the real world. I have a score to settle with him as well, as my nightmares have been pretty nasty this past year.

  • 80

    Major Spoilers

    I enjoyed reading Silk #3. I read maybe 5-6 comics to figure out what I would write about, and I chose this one because it is engaging and well thought-out. While I wanted a little more complexity, this comic is great for what it is.

  • 70

    The new Silk series is able to find a right blend of dream world and real world antics in its latest issue. Artist IG Guara, with help from colorist Ian Herring, manages to combine the aesthetics that readers associate with Silk but stretch them into new territory as the dream takes on a pirate motif. Series writer Emily Kim introduces some elements to the story that at first appear to be a little too convenient, but in the end they bring the issue to a more interesting place than the previous ones were able to manage with their own conclusions.

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