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She-Hulk #13

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Based on 6 critic ratings.

She-Hulk’s new villain makes a big move that throws Jen for the loop of her life.

Plus, Patsy Walker, also known as Hellcat, returns to help Jen set everything straight.

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6 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 100


    Look, Rowell, I guess we don’t need Jen talking to the audience like back in the Byrne days, but her fans have been through a lot lately with her time in the Avengers books, so pretty please let’s not hose the sweet thing she has with Jack by interjecting this smarmy Scoundrel to a degree that ruins their relationship. While I’m making demands, I’d love a bunch of courtroom drama too. Please and thank you.

  • 96

    You Don't Read Comics

    Rowell’s run continues to work through many of the issues that Jen’s been dealing with in one fashion or another for decades. It’s been a lot of fun in a way that’s come to define Jen’s presence ever since Byrne first started hanging out with her in the mid-1980s. The clever work around the margins of the Marvel Universe continues to be a sparkling gem in its own distinct corner of the comics rack. Judging from developments coming to the title in the next couple of months, Jen’s going to have her hands full through the summer…and Rowell’s going to be there for every turn.

  • 90

    Although She-Hulk #13 may technically feature some villains, it showcases the series’ strengths outside of the superhero genre’s stock and trade by emphasizing its romance and work-drama angles. She-Hulk goes on a number of dates, ranging between friendly, tense, and romantic, throughout the issue, and each delivers plenty of drama and excitement without requiring any punches to be thrown. Rowell has a knack for evoking distinctive dynamics and both Andrés Genolet and Joe Quinones’ expressions ensure they land with humor and emotion. While inevitable fights loom ahead, it’s their grounding in strong character work with shojo-like pacing that will provide them their impact. She-Hulk is shaping up to be stronger than ever.

  • 90


    This is the sort of joyful writing and character work that I felt was missing in those first few issues, when so much time was spent just having long, boring conversations with Jack of Hearts. Jen’s chemistry with the Scoundrel is a million times more entertaining to read, as is he, as a character. They’re just fun to read, alongside his whole deal. He decides to leave instead of fight, so he simply calls down a pull cord from a flying machine and off he goes? Wonderful! I dig his whole vibe and I hope Rowell has some fun plans for the Scoundrel. I guess I just have to trust more. Unless I’m totally misunderstanding what’s going on, and I’m supposed to dislike him in favor of the continuously mopey Jack of Hearts…

    The rest of the issue is fun, too. Eat Cake in Fancy Dresses Wednesday remains a delight, and I love the sort of storytelling where we see Jen return to work in her fancy dress, and have to go through the whole process of changing into proper work clothes, all while having an argument with her boss. I want more legal stuff! She’s got a waiting room full of superhero and super-villain clients. Let’s do more with them! Why does the Vulture keep showing up? What’s his legal beef? I wanna find out! I wanna read more courtroom scenes!

    This is a charming and fun comic, when it focuses on stuff that aren’t Jack of Hearts.

    When this comic focuses on things I like, it’s delightful and charming. And this issue has a lot of things I like, and a lot of great character moments and dialogue.

  • 80

    Weird Science Marvel Comics

    She-Hulk #13 switches gears (again) and dives head first into a will they/ won’t they romance comic that works surprisingly well. The writing execution hits all the right notes for a tension-filled romance, and the art is excellent.

  • 80

    Impulse Gamer

    This is another one which is mainly backstory and not so much action. If you are following the story so far and enjoy the characters I would still recommend it as this series seems to balance the action for the story progression as it goes along. Not many of these super hero types have an actual job they have to turn up to every day and other commitments apart from hitting things so it is a bit different.

    I enjoyed this story as it let you find out more about the antagonist in a way that didn’t involve them having to fight the main character. Worth a look if you have been following the series.

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