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Seven Sons #7 (of 7)

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In this final issue of JAE LEE’s first creator-owned series since 1994, Coronation Day brings chaos as the one true Son of God is finally revealed.

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39 pages
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    Robert Windom & Kelvin Mao’s loud satire of religion and global politics comes to an appropriately explosive and messy ending. Even after following this series since its beginning I’m not sure I could explain much of it to you, let alone what the ending means, but it at least has a narrative throughline that makes sense. As has been the case since issue #1 however, the art and panel layouts by Jae Lee with colors by June Chung remain the big selling point. Seven Sons #7 is perhaps the standout of them all as the frenetic paneling of the last issue, coupled with its extra pages, make it a visual feast.

  • 70


    It’s hazardous to deal with religious themes and this series is a good example of why. The writing has been alternately strong and perplexing, but the artwork has been consistently amazing and has helped to elevate the series.

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