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Seven Sons #5 (of 7)

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JAE LEE returns to creator-owned comics with his first new title since 1994, a seven-issue LIMITED SERIES. In issue 5, after being captured by Allah’s Watchmen, Delph continues his spiritual journey and discovers a newfound peace, while Nicolaus and the Church scour the globe to hunt him down.

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    As has largely been the case with the series at large, Jae Lee’s artwork remains the main selling point for Seven Sons, this time injecting unique panel layouts that are even wilder than what readers might expect from his stylings. Writers Robert Windom & Kelvin Mao have found themselves in a place where Seven Sons’ largest narrative pieces are finally in a place where things make more sense, but that doesn’t necessarily make this one a fun read. On the whole there’s not much that’s actively satisfying about this as a story but anything that gets Lee the chance to do his thing is worth a flip through at least.

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    For several issues, ugly Muslin stereotypes have been popping up in this series. With this issue they hit front and center. and it’s not pretty. Only Jae Lee’s artwork can provide some respite from the ugly text on the page. It’s a wonder that something like this can be made today.

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