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Seven Sons #4 (of 7)

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JAE LEE returns to creator-owned comics with his first new title since 1994, a seven-issue LIMITED SERIES. In issue 4, unearthed revelations about the origin of the Seven Sons make Delph a fugitive from the Church and force him to confront the true nature of faith and its role for humanity.

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    Middle issues of series are difficult to writer as they have to keep readers’ attention while often changing the story’s focus. That plays out in this installment. Fortunately, always reliable Jae Lee continues to stun with his artwork.

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    The best issue yet of Seven Sons as it actually gets into the meat of its plot and puts aside its larger, less detail-oriented world building. Writers Robert Windom and Kelvin Mao make the wise decision of closing in their focus this issue, following one character for the bulk of their narrative real estate, and to the success of the series overall. As said three times already, Jae Lee’s artwork remains the real reason to keep reading though, and the colors by June Chung stand out in a good way this time around. Some unique panel layouts also come to the forefront in issue #4, which embodies the chaotic nature of the narrative.

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