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Self Help #1 (of 5)

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Down-on-his-luck rideshare driver Jerry Hauser’s existence is a bleak one…especially because every fare he picks up tells him how much he looks like uber-successful self-help guru Darren Hart. But after a twist of fate, Jerry is given the chance of a lifetime…which, if he’s not careful, may well end his lifetime. So begins this California noir—a rollicking and gleefully lurid pulp crime story for our time.

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  • 90


    Self Help #1 kickstarts its fun and provocative California noir story with an issue filled with interesting characters and gorgeous art. Even though some aspects of the story are a bit predictable, the comic oozes a distinct charm that’s easy to enjoy.

  • 87

    The Super Powered Fancast

    King and Kellerman craft an intense and fun story in this first issue. A dark, twisted Prince and the Pauper tale filled with suspense and charm. There are some great twists and turns throughout this first issue and the final confrontation between the characters is wonderfully dark and ominous as it crafts some great drama to come.

    Ignazzi delivers fantastic art in the issue. The visuals are beautifully detailed and engaging.

  • 80

    The Comic Book Spot

    I do not know where this story is going exactly. It is possible that Darren could die and Jerry will take his place and possibly become a better self-help guru than Darren  but only time will tell.

  • 80


    Self Help ultimately comes off as funny and thoughtful; silly but cerebral; and wise without being insulting or pandering. It’s a story that wants to show you something peculiar as much as it also doesn’t try too hard to prove it has any of the answers (maybe just some clarity and self-awareness). It may be early still, but its proper balancing of ideas and energies is already a massive success, and proof that you can do satire the very best way with a little compassion, heart, and consideration. Unlike The Secret, I’d read Self Help every damn day.

  • 80

    The Geekly Grind

    Overall, Self Help is a strong opening issue that leaves a lasting impression. King’s writing and Kellerman’s art combine to create a compelling narrative that explores themes of identity, luck, and self-improvement. Jerry Hauser is a protagonist that readers can root for, and the intriguing premise promises exciting developments in future issues.

  • 71

    Comic Watch

    The series’ first issue isn’t the most gripping comic. Main character Jerry is a little on the thin side as far as development is concerned. Ultimately, though, he works for what has to happen by the issue’s end. In the end it’s Self Help #1’s final pages that give the issue enough of a boost to see future potential.

  • 60

    We’ve seen this story before, where two identical people swap places for one reason or another. And there’s an element of this series debut that feels a little stale for that reason alone. But the situation that causes the eventual switch is intriguing enough and the central character offers plenty of mystery to the equation. There’s some very interesting potential here, which isn’t what I expected after the first few pages.

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