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Sea Serpent's Heir #2: Black Wave (of 3)

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For fans of Nimona and Teen Titans: Raven!

The high-fantasy, high-seas adventure continues!  Aella sets sail with her mother’s pirate crew on a quest for revenge. As more secrets about her origin are revealed, Aella begins to embrace her dangerous and powerful dark side, leading her down a path from which there may be no return…

The acclaimed YA fantasy trilogy continues from the powerhouse team of MAIRGHREAD SCOTT (Dragon Age: Absolution, Guardians of the Galaxy) and PABLO TUNICA (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles).

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172 pages
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    The world of Sea Serpent’s Heir Book Two: Black Wave created by Mairghread Scott and Pablo Tunica is as stunning and diverse as it is dark and devoid of hope. Aella is compelling as a main character, struggling with her new reality as she gives in to her dark influence and darker impulses. She is made all the more interesting, though, as it’s clear that love is very clearly her driving force. Characters are well-crafted and complicated, with few of them (except for one particularly vexing imp) being outright evil. You find yourself rooting for each of them in turn, even when they’re not being particularly heroic.

    Pablo Tunica has an amazing flair for character design, and does a fantastic job with giving every character a unique look and life. Aella, once again wows through the art, with the varying designs for her different uses of the power gifted her by Xir. As much as I’m a fan of his character design, it is the world he has drawn that is the true star in this book. Each locale is its own, and this world truly feels as if it was established by incredibly diverse groups of people. The standout here is the Dawn City, Lys Kaleeb. This holy city looks incredible, while also looking as the malevolent “church” that calls it home.

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