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Scrapper #5 (of 6)

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Scrapper and the cats need to free the strays that SMITE is keeping prisoner and keep the organization from releasing a potion that will turn all the city’s animals into mind-controlled minions.

A tall enough order, even without Scrapper discovering that the laboratory is guarded by SMITE’s next-generation upgrade of… him.

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    We already know what Scrapper and company are facing with issue #6. And while it’s once again a touch predictable, this whole book is making other decisions that buck that tendency. It’s elevated its efforts to feel more joyful, silly, and heartfelt, and it’s done so with passion and efficiency to spare. No matter if we get a cliched finale or not, I know for dang sure it’s going to likely be even more life-affirming (and just a tad cheesy) than ever before.

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    Scrapper #5 suffers a little bit from pacing as the penultimate issue. The first part of the issue moves a little slow, then it speeds up only to shove an emotional twist on the readers, and then twists again with a frenetic final few pages to set up the finale. Layered into that are some big emotional lessons for Scrapper as he and the cats work to not only free the strays but also stop SMITE from their truly evil plans but with the strange pacing, a lot of those emotional developments feel awkward or forced. I hate to use the term filler, but it does almost feel like this issue is a bit of filler in that it has to take up the space but also introduce a couple of quick things for what is going to be either a gut-wrenching finale or something truly uplifting. It could go either way at this point.

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