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Scrapper #4 (of 6)

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Scrapper’s risk-taking has put his friends in great danger. Rescued by a secret cadre of feral cats, it’s now up to him and his feline posse to spring Tank and Daisy from of one of the most secure SMITE bases in the whole city. If you ever wished the cats in Stray could kick Skynet’s ass, this is your book.

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    Get Your Comic On

    Now the series has come into it’s own, the hard hitting action packed story is coming to it’s epic climax and you can’t help but get behind Scrapper as he embarks on a David Vs Goliath battle that is most definitely something you’ve never seen before, but you must certainly see it this is the series not to be missed.

  • 75


    As much as the cats totally ruled, though, it would seem that at some point in the final two issues, Scrapper may have to go it alone. And while that’s going to be important as he tries to learn his own strength and grow in this hero’s journey, I’ll be a teeny bit sad if the cats don’t maintain their presence. They were a force to be reckoned with, and a shot in the arm for this book as it tried to sell this really weird and slightly silly tale. Sure, it mostly worked before, but after this issue, it really feels like the gimmicks and the overt cheesiness and all of that have clicked into some worthwhile slice of earnest storytelling about how we can all be heroes if we just do the right thing. Cats may not be the most easy to understand creatures, but in my eyes they’re g-d stars.

  • 70

    Scrapper #4 gets a bit back on track and while the pace is slower, things make more sense and we get introduced to a whole new set of animal characters: the cats. Yes, there are indeed cats in New Verona and we finally meet them. The issue expands a bit on the situation with SMITE and what their ultimate plan is and it’s a good read. The only real issue here is it feels a bit like we’re filling space rather than completely moving forward. That said, the cats add a lot to the story – there’s one in particular, Snowball, that’s just great. It’s a good installment.

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