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Scrapper #3 (of 6)

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Scrapper grapples with his legacy with Daisy the Raccoon’s help. Using his new powers and Daisy’s skills, Scrapper pushes toward an ambitious assault on a SMITE laboratory. But finding out what SMITE is up to may cost them everything…

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    Get Your Comic On

    As the fight against the big evil corporation builds up the fast paced action pulls you in. Scrapper is the four legged hero we all need, inspirational and empowering definitely well worth your time.

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    I think I’m mostly going to stick around into issue #4. I think if there’s some overly predictable tendencies abounding here that I can forgive thanks to the inherent charm and joy (and silly threads) that this book exemplifies. Will that be a thing to keep me through issue #6 (aka the finale)? Maybe not, but as issue #3 demonstrated, it’s maybe less about the journey and more the cutesy courage of our canine companion, and how that speaks to us above most things. Plus, maybe an old dog can still learn some few storytelling tricks to further balance things out.

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    Scrapper continues to be a solid comic, but Scrapper #3 doesn’t quite hit the way the previous two issues did. Our hero dog Scrapper now has allies and gains a better understanding of his collar and its workings, but rather than take a more prudent and measured approach to their next move against SMITE, they go full bore into a mission with disastrous result. It feels a bit rushed and more than that, the SMITE bad guy feels a little bit like a mustache twirling villain. Still, the story is intriguing and even if there are some sad moments (including a particularly distressing piece of information about cats) you’ll want to keep going to see if Scrapper finally gets his day.

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