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Scotch Mctiernan Holiday Party

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First came the 4/20 special, then came Scotch McTiernan’s Halloween party, and now the former Deadpool chums form Voltron again to bring you Scotch’s holiday bash. Emphasis on bash. The most powerful Scrooges in the human race are visited by the Ghost Of Christmas Future when they try to colonize Mars. All the fun, insanity, and thought-provoking violence of the first two comics are perfected in this third holiday installment. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll buy one to read and one to slab for your descendants.

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    Scotch McTiernan returns in this cautionary tale about how a certain social media conglomerate is doing its damndest to ruin the world as we know it. The political themes are thick any every page but the thicker—ahem, perhaps more dank—is that weed-fueled Scotch McTiernan and his hijinks with a deplorable Santa Claus. For a one-shot Christmas special, this oversized issue has everything you'd need. Even then, the shtick started to run thin by the end.

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