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Scarlet Witch #1 (of 4)

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The Scarlet Witch has carved out a haven for herself in upstate New York, but it’s all about to go up in flames. Wanda’s newfound peace has drawn the wrath of a primal force unlike anything she’s ever faced before, and it won’t stop until it razes Wanda’s world to the ground. It’s a clash of titans as Wanda and her allies fight for all she holds dear!

What happens when an unstoppable force meets the end of all things? When pure chaos meets pure destruction? Wanda’s about to find out – if she survives long enough. Jacopo Camagni (X-Men: Red, Nomen Omen) joins writer Steve Orlando for an explosive new chapter of Scarlet Witch’s story!

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8 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 95


    Scarlet Witch #1 is a jackhammer of entertainment and intrigue. You’ll be on the edge of your seat and dying for more by the end of the issue, I guarantee it.

  • 90

    Nerd Initiative

    I think this new Scarlet Witch run will be fantastic if it’s anything like the first installment. Scarlet Witch #1 was an extremely strong start. The creative team really showed their talents with this. As someone that’s a big Scarlet Witch fan, I can honestly say that I loved it and I can’t wait to read the next issue!

  • 90

    Capes & Tights

    Jacopo Camagni and Steve Orlando have captured Wanda’s character wonderfully in this debut issue. Truly showcasing her ability to be calm, cool and collected until she needs to be a force of nature. This debut issue sets the stage for what seems like will be a wonderful series at Marvel Comics.

  • 89

    Comic Watch

    Steve Orlando’s taken Wanda on Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride, bumping and clawing with some of the who’s who, and the who? And that’s been one of my favorite things about his Scarlet Witch. One issue I had with the previous book was its lack in action, but Orlando came with all guns blazing. Bringing Griever along, and we’ll be getting Lore (an alternate reality Wanda) shows Orlando wants to have Wanda go up against some of the biggest players in the Marvel universe. Hopefully this run keeps up this same energy.

  • 87

    The Super Powered Fancast

    Orlando crafts another intense, action packed and engaging story for Wanda in this issue. The story has a great buildup of tension and emotion as Wanda leans into her new life and her connection to the people in the town. I like the contrast of her attempts at a normal life as she deals with the darkness inside her as well as external forces caused by her presence. An intriguing and entertaining issue that definitely makes me want to see what happens next.

    Camagni delivers fantastic art throughout the issue. The visual style is beautifully detailed and brilliantly compelling.

  • 80

    The lively work from Steve Orlando and Jacopo Camagni delivers Scarlet Witch #1 with a proverbial punch, and will hopefully leave many readers curious about whatever the future holds.

  • 80

    Comic Book Revolution

    Though this is a new mini-series it is not a completely new reader friendly comic book as expected from a #1 issue. Scarlet Witch #1 is very much a continuation of Steve Orlando’s Scarlet Witch run, which includes the 2023 ongoing and Scarlet Witch & Quicksilver mini-series. As a fan of both, Scarlet Witch #1 does a great job at continuing Wanda Maximoff modern day development. There is a great sense of progression to where Wanda’s narrative is going. Orlando has a great understanding of who Wanda is and how her supporting cast can enhance this latest story involving the Darkhold. The antagonist introduced through this development provides a lot of intrigue to see what ride this Scarlet Witch series will take us on.

  • 75


    A new volume can’t help save Wanda Maximoff and those around her from the same things that dragged behind in previous issues, which is quickly clear in Scarlet Witch #1. What was once a fun, light, and magical series that could easily rest at the top of the publisher list has found a firm spot in the often forgettable middle of the pack.

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